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Fedora Core It's Fedora release day! The Fedora project has pushed out version 13 of its cutting-edge Linux distribution. There's a whole boatload of improvements, some of which come from the wider Free software ecosystem, but of course, there's also a lot Fedora/Red Hat-specific stuff.
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RE[3]: I am a fan of fedora but..
by acobar on Tue 25th May 2010 22:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I am a fan of fedora but.."
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Last package point release does not necessarily means bleeding edge. Fedora is all about testing new features and technologies that seems to be promising. Things that need a test on the battlefield. That is why they push them into Fedora but it does not means that they should always use the last release, even though new releases sometimes come with new features.

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