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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over at Daringfireball this past weekend, John Gruber put words to what many people are thinking about after Google's rush of Android announcements and not-subtle Apple-bashing at this week's I/O conference: "all-out war." I agree with Gruber that a good old-fashioned bitter rivalry could be a great thing for the computing world, and for smartphone/handheld fans in particular.
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RE[5]: Out of touch with the world
by Shane on Wed 26th May 2010 05:13 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Out of touch with the world"
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I'm sorry that we don't feel like discussing disposable phones, but people here are interested in the cutting edge. We're not interested in yesterday's phones where the biggest feature was 0.5 more megapixels or colourful snap on plastic pieces.

When we talk about the iPhone, we are usually discussing the iPhone OS. The phone is just a giant screen. It's all about the software. Android is an OS. This is OSnews. What did you expect?

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spiderman Member since:

What did you expect?

I expected we talk about the big OSes out there. Those that matter and those that matter less, not only about the niche OS.

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Shane Member since:

Android and iPhone OS aren't exactly niche at this point.

Feel free to submit news articles about other operating systems and we'll discuss them.

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