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Google Looking at the past few week of Google news, you'll be forgiven for thinking Google doesn't do anything else beyond making Android. While there's sexier stuff going on within Google, the company is also still trying to improve its core user service: search. They've launched encrypted search today, and it will be rolled out across the world in the coming days.
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I know of very little concerns with using https.

1. you need a dedicated address, this problably means: ipv4-address, we are running out. Not good. :-( I would love to see websites adopt: we have https for IPv6 users only. :-)

2. their needs to be enough entropy to do the encryption. Banks recently had DOS-attacks and the https-sites were really slow, not because of CPU-bound encryption (for which possible they already have extra hardware), but because of entropy shortage.

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vhosts. Multiple sites/domains sharing a single IP. When the browser asks for the IP, it's header lists the domain it wants and the webserver presents domain/IP.

It would be much easier if vhosts could share an IP without sharing an SSL cert. The certificate is bound to the domain name not the IP it's currently hosted on. This may reduce the trust in certificates though as now your still sure of cert/domain but your not sure of location.

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