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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Pavel Heimlich has announced the release of an updated version of Korona 4.4.3: "Korona is the live DVD adding KDE4 packages on top of OpenSolaris. It is intended to be the showcase of the current state of the kde-solaris project, definitely not a distribution for any serious use."
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Any ideas on FreeBSD as a VirtualBox or VMWare host?
I can't seem to find any recent news and FreeBSD isn't listed in their respective download pages. (unless I've missed the obvious?)

I know there's always Xen, but I never got along with it ;)

I personally also run VirtualBox on the same FreeBSD, currently, as I keep to RELEASE, I use older 3.0.5x one, its very stable and fast at the same time, but current port for VirtualBox on FreeBSD is 3.1.8 while it will be updated to 3.2.0 some short time after it will be released:

I run about several VMs, Linux and WindowsXP mostly on that FreeBSD, well, everything wirks as desired, including easy 'no-brain' usage of network bridging andof course Guest Additions, but dunno if that is the answer You expected, if You have some more technical questions, then fell free to ask more.

As for VMware on FreeBSD, it actually does not exist any more, VMware 3.0 in ports is so outdated and abandonned that it propably do not even work and it was not working with SMP systems anyway, so VirtualBox is definitely the way to go on FreeBSD for virtualization.

As for Xen, dom0 will propably be ready for 9.0-RELEASE (beginnig of 2012), but domU is available now to use, check this for more info on FreeBSD as domU:

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