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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless This phone could be placed by some as the most advanced smartphone to date (only some new, unreleased yet, PocketPC-phones come close in terms of features): Sony Ericsson announced the P990, based on Symbian 9.1. It supports UMTS, GSM/GPRS/3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, IrDA and it has an FM radio. It sports a 2.8" QVGA touchscreen, 80 MBs free storage, a 64 MB MemoryStickPRODuo (expandable to 4 GB), Blackberry Push Email, a QWERTY keyboard, and two cameras: a 2 MP on the back and a VGA on the front. For web browser it uses Opera 8.x.
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A keyboard covering another ?
by zimbatm on Mon 10th Oct 2005 18:05 UTC
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At least the P910i doesn't cover the keyboard with another one. Instead it gives you a bigger display..

What's the point of this ??

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Eugenia Member since:

Previously, it was difficult to type with the open cover. You see, the cover weigh less than the rest of the handset. All the weight of the handset was moving on the two hinches that keep the cover glued to the rest of the handset. This was a bad design IMHO, after a while the hinches would crack. Now, this can't happen. Besides, removing the numeric keypad, it STILL gives you a bigger screen. In fact, I wish the whole LCD was visible without having to open the numpad.

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Besides, removing the numeric keypad, it STILL gives you a bigger screen.

Unfortunately not. Screen sized are:

p910 2.8"
p990 2.76"

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I actually own the P910i. And I agree that the internal keyboard is useless. But not only because it's clunky, but because it's too small. I end either writing with the pen when I'm at home, and with the external keyboard when I'm on the move.

The problem is that with a smaller screen it gets even harder to write with the pen because I need place to write (even with the few extra pixels). Also the hand-writing recognition software is not as good as on the Mobile 2003 phones I've seen.

All in all, the new features are all welcome but I hope they will change this keyboard design with something more clever.

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Eugenia Member since:

It does the same thing now, it gives you a bigger display. But the point now is that not both the keypad and the numpad are on the same 'external' part that it only attaches to the main phone with two hinches. The previous models are problematic, because the pad weighs much less than the phone and so after a bit of time, the hinches CRACK. With this new design, this won't happen, because when you type you don't hold the phone from the cover part and so you don't put strain on it.

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