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Apple It's rumour time! Analyst Trip Chowdhry, with Global Equities Research, is claiming that Microsoft has been allotted seven minutes during Steve Jobs' WWDC keynote speech. Supposedly, the Redmond giant will unveil that developers will be able to write native iPhone, iPad, and Mac applications using Visual Studio 2010 on Windows. As crazy as this sounds, this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone who can move beyond the outdated Apple vs. Microsoft attitude.
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RE[2]: Pardon?
by gnufreex on Fri 28th May 2010 02:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Pardon?"
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How about SQL server on Linux? Oracle has Linux port, what about non-religious Microsoft? ROFL.

Microsoft is most religious company I know. Temple of proprietary software zealotry. Free Software side does not have counter weight to their zealotry. is not as FLOSS zealous as Microsoft is proprietary zealous.

Microsoft might do anything for money, but they do not look only on money. They more look how to hurt competitor. If they have one option which brings them 2 billions but is neutral to competition (neither hurts them or helps them) and other option which bring them 100 million but screws over and hurts competition, they will chose 100 million option.

They never think about how to make better technology. They always think how to screw other guy, remove users choice and sell their overpriced and bug riddled crap. And they are very religious about that. In crap they believe.

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