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Microsoft Microsoft Research continues to evolve its Gazelle concept. "In this paper, we present ServiceOS, a platform that tightly integrates a multi-principal browsing architecture with the underlying OS. ServiceOS provides a centralized, fine-grained resource access control model, and uses recursive web-oriented algorithms for sharing system resources. ServiceOS also introduces new abstractions that allow a web service to explicitly allocate and manage resources for any helper services they embed (e.g., via iframes). A key challenge that ServiceOS solves is managing resources in the face of complex web service composition."
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RE: Informative value
by kaiwai on Fri 28th May 2010 10:20 UTC in reply to "Informative value"
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After reading through the summary three times I learned absolutely nothing.

Of course you're not going to know anything if you don't read the damn document:

All the information is there in black and white; just because you're too lazy to read the attached pdf file which is linked off the article doesn't make the idea a buzzword littered waste of time.

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