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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The Free Software Foundation is up in arms over Apple's iTunes Store Terms of Service, suggesting that these terms fundamentally conflict with the terms of the GNU Public License. The foundation has warned Apple that a version of GNU Go distributed by the App Store makes Apple liable to comply with GPL terms that allow free sharing of code, but warned that its 'Usage Rules' violate those terms. The fallout could potentially affect any app that uses GPLed code."
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RE: Something Apple should do
by darknexus on Sat 29th May 2010 00:08 UTC in reply to "Something Apple should do"
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Agreed, and that would be an effective way out of this issue with the FSF too. As best I understand it, the FSF is upset that anyone who downloads a GPL-based app from the store cannot redistribute the according binary as the GPL says they should. The DRM does, in fact, violate that term of the GPL and so do Apple's terms of service. With a quick exception clause in those, and the removal of DRM for all free apps, the situation is close to neutralized. There may also be paid apps with GPL'd code in them too however, and the same would have to be done to those and I guarantee you Apple would never do such a thing. They'd probably never do it for free apps either, because if they did they wouldn't be able to do their oh-so-important download stat tracking on those distributed outside of the stor, plus the app store lock-in would be effectively removed. Apple would never do such a thing, from sheer stubbornness if for no other reason. They're too fond of their store lock-in to ever let it go and, while I suspect it will hurt them more than help them in the long run, they do not see things that way.

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