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KDE "The developers behind the KDE desktop environment have released the first beta of version 4.5. Although the major focus during this development cycle is stability, the release also brings some nice new features and user interface improvements."
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About the new "panel notification area"...
by ple_mono on Sat 29th May 2010 13:58 UTC
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So it's based on the system that canonical uses for notification-applet? Cause even though i like the cleanup, it totally nuked the ability to single click minimized apps (such as rhythmbox) to bring them to front (and single click again to iconify).
KDE apps used to function like that as well (like amarok for example), so does this means from now on, the amarok tray icon will only show a menu (like apps using notification-applet in ubuntu lucid), not show/hide amarok?

See, the beauty with the old system was that you had both;
One could left click the tray icon to show/hide, and right click it to get a contextual menu.
But when i think of it, maybe this system needs updating as well. I mean, maybe the notification area should be used for apps that are primarily "menu based", and "real" gui based apps should either have a contextual menu (like dock icons in OSX have, and to some extent windows7), or, "real" gui apps should have the option to be sent to some other specialized "tray area" that is better suited for actual gui apps. I dunno.

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No, that behaviour is not changed.

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