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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The Free Software Foundation is up in arms over Apple's iTunes Store Terms of Service, suggesting that these terms fundamentally conflict with the terms of the GNU Public License. The foundation has warned Apple that a version of GNU Go distributed by the App Store makes Apple liable to comply with GPL terms that allow free sharing of code, but warned that its 'Usage Rules' violate those terms. The fallout could potentially affect any app that uses GPLed code."
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RE[2]: DRM isn't the root problem
by chris_l on Sun 30th May 2010 15:50 UTC in reply to "RE: DRM isn't the root problem"
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"They aren't "up in arms" - the GPL was simply violated and they are pointing it out and doing so with less thunder than the RIAA or MPAA usually does.

I wasn't aware the iPad's operating system and the network that distributes content to it were released under the GPL. Where can one find a copy?

Apple's crap isn't released under the GPL. However Apple's claiming the right to impose restrictions upon things that doesn't fall under Apple's ownership without the obtaining permision of the actual owner does violate the GPL and a number other similar approaches.

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