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Apple I've been meaning to write this for some time, and for all the time I delayed the more poignant the point I wanted to make started to become as new news came out further solidifying my angle. When I begun writing this article the iPad had not yet been revealed, iPhone OS 4 was not on the map and Apple had not yet purchased Lala. You've probably just noticed that all of these events in fact point toward Apple embracing the web more and in this article I will point out why this is not the case because I believe Apple's agenda here is similar to something we've already seen in recent history.
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RE[3]: Google!
by Manish on Mon 31st May 2010 09:44 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Google!"
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Captured searches, indexing personal web sites,

When did indexing websites become bad? Personal websites are also websites and a web crrawler cannot distinguish between a personal and a commerical website. Heck. It shouldn't do. If you are so much tensed, why keep post your public data openly and cry that people are looking at it

If Google voluntarily purge all data captured to date from these services, make their indexing service only index sites that specifically allow it and presente data collection opt-in click through's for their search and DNS services, then I'd believe they're interested in being truly open.

No search engine does that. if you don't want your website to be craweled, robots.txt is there to your help.

OTOH when it comes to collecting Wifi hotspot data, when you broadcast SSID, it is PUBLIC! If you are so much scared of your wifi network getting recognized, switch off SSID broadcast. People put cup plated on the highway and complain that a car ran over it.

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