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Windows And the award for Most Boring And Non-descriptive Press Release Title 2010 goes to Microsoft for "Microsoft Outlines Business Opportunities for Hardware Makers Across Windows Platform". The press release itself appears to be about as interesting as watching paint dry, until you reach that small part where it says Microsoft has released the first community technology preview of Windows Embedded Compact 7 (1).
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by po134 on Tue 1st Jun 2010 18:12 UTC
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I'm pretty sure the former just won this one.

Unless my english is getting worst you're saying people want Android on a tablet? Why would I want that instead of W7?

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RE: humm
by Moochman on Tue 1st Jun 2010 18:38 in reply to "humm"
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Unless my english is getting worst you're saying people want Android on a tablet? Why would I want that instead of W7?

Yes that's what he is saying. The reason you might want Android over Windows 7 on a tablet is because Android is a true mobile OS. The UI is designed from the ground up with touch in mind, and from a technical standpoint the system has much lower system requirements, meaning that (with a halfway decent ARM CPU) you'll rarely get bogged down waiting for apps to do stuff. Also, unlike Windows, which requires Intel chips, Android runs on ARM, which generally get something like double the battery life of Intel's most efficient processors.

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RE[2]: humm
by po134 on Tue 1st Jun 2010 23:48 in reply to "RE: humm"
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I see ;)

Well I have to say I would much more prefer a w7 OS on my TABLET (that was the question), just for the programs and the familiarity, but hey if they offer me double the battery time and I can try out the android os (which is almost a ghost here, nobody's talking about that) I might change my mind ;)

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RE[2]: humm
by Karitku on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 06:38 in reply to "RE: humm"
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Rubbish read Engadget review on one of the Android tablet, fucking slow piece of shit would describe it best. There was huge media circus around Android about 6 months ago but how many actual tablet has surfaced for sale? I seen 2-3 available and one of them just turned out to be crap. Tablet war is coming and so far only winner has been Apple.

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RE[2]: humm
by talaf on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 11:45 in reply to "RE: humm"
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Windows CE runs on ARM no problems actually. They're all called windows, they're not all the same.

CE is actually a fine kernel for embedded devices.

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RE: humm
by lemur2 on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 12:57 in reply to "humm"
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I'm pretty sure the former just won this one.

Unless my english is getting worst you're saying people want Android on a tablet? Why would I want that instead of W7?

Perhaps because it works on a touchscreen tablet? Especially, it works (and has a full application base) on ARM.
Yukyung Technologies showed off a Viliv-branded, Android-based tablet at Computex equipped with a 10-inch, 1366 x 768 touchscreen. The Viliv X10 Tablet with Android offers an SD card reader, USB port, HDMI, webcam, and WiFi, and "could be an incredible iPad alternative," according to a hands-on Laptop story.

Although Yukyung has not yet offered details about the X10 on its Viliv-brand website, Laptop's Avram Piltch reported on the Viliv X10 from the Computex show floor in Taiwan. He was particularly impressed with the "gorgeous" 10-inch, 1366 × 768 capacitive touchscreen.

"That's the highest resolution we've seen in a 10-inch tablet and it's a huge benefit over the 1024 x 768 iPad," writes Piltch. Because it offers a 16:9 aspect ratio, "you have more than 720p (1280 x 720) you can use to play games and watch movies," he adds.

Yukyung's Viliv division did not reveal the type of ARM-based processor running the tablet, but it "was powerful enough to provide an immersive 3D gaming experience at full screen," writes Piltch. The story includes a video showing a demo of a racing game that uses the tablet's accelerometer as a controller. "Clearly, this tablet has graphics muscle," he adds.

Piltch was also impressed with the tablet's performance playing a 720p trailer for Toy Story 3, and found himself "blown away by the richness of the colors and the sharpness of the images returned by the glossy screen." The Viliv rep told Laptop that the X10 should also be able to play 1080p video, although no demo was apparently supplied to prove it.

The Viliv X10 offers an SD card reader, WiFi, USB port, HDMI out, and a front-facing webcam, says the story. 3G or WiMAX options are also said to be available, and battery life is claimed to run to 10 hours.

Currently running Android 2.1, the device will move up to Android 2.2 by the time it reaches market, bringing Adobe Flash support and faster performance, among other enhancements, writes Piltch.

Nice, hey?

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