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Google Fragmentation. You'll often hear people say this is a major problem with Google's Android platform; there are many devices running multiple different versions of the mobile operating system, leading to fragmentation. Dan Morrill, Android's open source and compatibility program manager, addresses this issue in a blog post, and details what Google is doing to fight it. The gist: it's a non-issue - according to Google, that is.
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You think Jobs would let that one lie?
by triffeh on Tue 1st Jun 2010 23:30 UTC
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I suspect Google would be all for getting their OS on your iPhone. I'm sure they would support it too, if Apple wasn't among the most litigious companies out there at the moment. Jobs has stated that jailbreaking the iPhone should be a criminal offense. If Google gave its official blessing to any project planning a breach of the iPhone TOS, I'm convinced he'd let the lawsuits fly.

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Jobs has stated that jailbreaking the iPhone should be a criminal offense.

I bought a house from the Steve Jobs Apple's store. I didn't like the way kitchen is placed, the bedroom is placed. There is only one power socket for everything in the house. There is no refrigerator since Steve Jobs says that I don't need it. For opening the door I need to "slide to open".

I don't like this way the house is created. I want to change the design and way it is built. Since I bought it, I own it and I don't need any warranty from Steve Jobs. Then why should it be illegal?

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Then don't buy a house in a gated community, for example.

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