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Google Google employees have always had a remarkable amount of freedom when it comes to what operating system they wanted to run on company computers - Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, it was all fine. Since the China attacks, however, this has changed: Windows is no longer welcome on Google computers.
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RE[5]: Using Chrome OS
by woegjiub on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 02:26 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Using Chrome OS"
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That is actually very easy.

You simply download a .deb file, click on it, and it installs in the KDE or gnome desktops on a debian-based system.

Because Ubuntu is far more extensively used than any other distro, you have sites like getdeb, which allow you to do just that.

Personally, I prefer adding third party PPA repos; I then get updates as the developers make them.

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