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General Development "I am pleased to report that the GCC Steering Committee and the FSF have approved the use of C++ in GCC itself. Of course, there's no reason for us to use C++ features just because we can. The goal is a better compiler for users, not a C++ code base for its own sake. Before we start to actually use C++, we need to determine a set of coding standards that will apply to use of C++ within GCC."
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by Timmmm on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 08:52 UTC in reply to "RE: LLVM"
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c++ is a superset of c though, so it isn't really mixing languages.

Not quite any more. The latest version of C has several features that C++ doesn't - structure and array initialisation in particular.

Also, C++ has a different ABI to C so you have to add extern "C" things to all your headers...

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