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Hardware, Embedded Systems You have these products and/or technologies that everybody expects to go mainstream, yet never really do. You know, things like desktop Linux (+14 troll), ARM-based netbooks, and... PixelQi screens. Yes, these wonder displays are supposed to take over the world, yet, we've only ever seen them on demonstration devices - never on shipping products we can, you know, buy. At Computex, PixelQi once again showed off its display technology on demonstration devices.
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RE: Comment by Neolander
by nabil2199 on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 15:21 UTC in reply to "Comment by Neolander"
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He who came up with the idea of glossy screens should be shot ;)
j/k don't throw me in jail if someone ends up dead

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RE[2]: Comment by Neolander
by krtekz on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 15:36 in reply to "RE: Comment by Neolander"
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RE[2]: Comment by Neolander
by Neolander on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 16:21 in reply to "RE: Comment by Neolander"
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I'd prefer to apply the "trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again" motto around the main doors of the company which managed to sell that horrible concept ^^

Inventing something bad is no big deal, as long as the responsible silently disappears. Selling it so well that it kills a good competing product, on the other hand...

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Agreed. I specifically opted to buy a more expensive Benq monitor, simply because I refused to buy one of those OOOOH SHINY!!!!1!1! glossy pieces of crap. No annoying finger smudges, no glares, and a hell of a lot easier to clean once it does get dirty.

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