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Intel "In an announcement at the International Supercomputing Conference, Intel provided further details on the many-core chip that it hinted at earlier in the month. The first product based on the new design will be codenamed Knight's Corner, and will debut at 22nm with around 50 x86 cores on the same die. Developer kits, which include a prototype of the design called Knight's Ferry, have been shipping to select partners for a while now, and will ship more broadly in the second half of the year. When Intel moves to 22nm in 2011, Knight's Corner will make its official debut."
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RE: Comment by Neolander
by reduz on Wed 2nd Jun 2010 16:55 UTC in reply to "Comment by Neolander"
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No one says that all existing software or all existing types of software should scale to multiple cores. It's more an issue of existing software taking advantage of parallel processing for different kinds of tasks.

Software like photoshop, 3ds max, even web browsers (scaling javascript and the rendering processes) can be modified to take advantage. Audio software can greatly be benefitted too (run multiple virtual effects/synthesizers each on a separate core), and of course videogames (physics simulation, renderingm etc).

So the target is to give more power to existing software, not asking it to be rewritten...

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