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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Of course. Just as I'm about to finish university, and leave school behind me for good, some company comes up with a dual screen tablet which I would've killed for to replace that boatload of textbooks I've read over the years. It's called the Kno (more here), and it's a massive thing for sure - but considering their target demographic, it actually makes sense.
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RE: Good luck
by marktn on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 00:30 UTC in reply to "Good luck"
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Kinda neat, but realistically they have no chance whatsoever. Who is going to buy a device just for school and reading textbooks? It would make so much more sense to add some annotation features to the iPad ebook reader. Now you have this device without the limitations.

Simple: Universities and Colleges themselves. Get a few schools that are already heaving invested in technology in the classroom, pull in at least a couple textbook publishers and viola.

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RE[2]: Good luck
by SuperDaveOsbourne on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 14:48 in reply to "RE: Good luck"
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Your smoking crack if you think binding publishers with schools and technology is going to help in a startup. Its a one in a million, and those are odds I wouldn't bet on. NeXT with 100s of millions over 2+ years could not get that 'revolutionary' device into campuses and have it stick. Instead they ended up in corners of labs. This bulky device is not enabling, it is clearly a boat anchor and the demo these guys did sucked too.

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RE[3]: Good luck
by Snapper on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 19:48 in reply to "RE[2]: Good luck"
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"...This bulky device is not enabling, it is clearly a boat anchor and the demo these guys did sucked too.?"

Dude, well put. Made me laugh.

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