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General Development "I am pleased to report that the GCC Steering Committee and the FSF have approved the use of C++ in GCC itself. Of course, there's no reason for us to use C++ features just because we can. The goal is a better compiler for users, not a C++ code base for its own sake. Before we start to actually use C++, we need to determine a set of coding standards that will apply to use of C++ within GCC."
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RE[4]: I am confused.
by tylerdurden on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 01:46 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I am confused."
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No that is not what you original comment said at all.

To err is human, so no big deal. But being wrong and being misunderstood are two different things.

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RE[5]: I am confused.
by sorpigal on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 11:28 in reply to "RE[4]: I am confused."
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No that is not what you original comment said at all.

Except that is precisely what his original comment said. They way I read it:

I think they just want to "compliment" the GCC source that is written in C with some stuff from C++.

For example, just using std::vector can make the GCC source code a lot smaller, easier to understand and less bug prone.
Also constructors and destructors can prevent a lot of memory leaks.

It makes no sense not to use some of C++ improvements over C when writing a complex application like a compiler.

Bold parts added to clarify minorly ambiguous statements.

To misunderstand is human, to put words in to someone else's mouth is unkind, to assume that your interpretation is the only possible one is shortsighted at best.

I don't see how any reasonable, fair person could read that original comment and think that the commenter is talking about the C language as parsed by GCC and not the GCC source code itself. I can only presume that you are unreasonable, or unfair, or stupid.

Hostilely yours,

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RE[6]: I am confused.
by righard on Fri 4th Jun 2010 12:27 in reply to "RE[5]: I am confused."
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Thank you ;)

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