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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Not too long ago, a lot of people were pleasantly surprised when HP announced it would buy smartphone maker Palm. While Palm launched a very well-received mobile operating system, the hardware it ran on was of questionable quality, leading to lower-than-expected sales and thus financial problems. Now that HP has bought Palm, we're certainly going to see the webOS running on top-notch smartphones, right? Well, not if it's up to HP CEO Mark Hurd. Update: This gives a slightly different angle.
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by flypig on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 12:05 UTC
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Maybe HP are planning to finally deliver on their "Cooltown" vision from 2001?

From the video:

"It's a vision of a world where everybody and everything is connected wirelessly through the World Wide Web; people, places and even objects have websites... people connect through a wide variety of smart, wireless information appliances..."

I don't know whether it makes sense to drop Palm's smartphone development (it certainly seems odd to me), but I can understand the point of adding proper (unified) OS support to all of their other appliances.

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