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BeOS & Derivatives "In this short article, we'll take a look at the legendary BFS, starting with some filesystem basics and moving on to a discussion of the above features. Also included at the end of the article are two interviews: one with the person who developed BFS for Be, and another with the developer behind the open-source version of BFS."
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Live Demos
by jarzac on Thu 3rd Jun 2010 19:19 UTC
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I remember how back in the day I used to do BeOS live demos to universities and users groups.

During a demo I would open different applications and leave them all running, including several videos. All smoothly running simultaneously.

At the end of the session I would just switch off the machine without closing apps and without doing a proper "shut down". You could see peoples' faces when I turned on the machine again and get my BeOS running in a few seconds with no disk corruptions or checks.

You wouldn't dare to do that with other OSes then. It was so much ahead of it's time.

I'm testing now the new release of Haiku. I wish good luck to the Haiku team.

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