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Internet & Networking Earlier this week, Apple launched a HTML5 Showcase page, displaying several uses for HTML5 and related technologies. However, it turns out that Apple is using trickery to block out browsers other than Safari, with the end result that browsers with better support for web standards than Safari can't access the demos.
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RE[2]: Overblown
by earksiinni on Fri 4th Jun 2010 16:59 UTC in reply to "RE: Overblown"
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the lie is that you don't really need safari to properly render that page. i bet most webkit based browsers would display it the right way.

Agreed. I'm not saying that Apple is a white sheep, I'm just saying that they're not really trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. Now, if that occurs as a side effect, I don't think they'll object =).

it makes an impression as if safari is the only browser that can do it.

I'm not so sure about this. Anyone who is tech savvy enough to realize what Apple has done will also be knowledgeable enough to know that Chrome/other WebKit browsers can do the same thing. For that matter, if you're that tech savvy, you probably think that this page is meant to be an HTML5 showcase for the purpose of showcasing the HTML5 web standard, because HTML5 is what you care about. On the other hand, Apple is very clear about this page's purpose: it is an HTML5 showcase meant to showcase Safari's support for HTML5. That's probably what the "average" user comes away with, since that's what's written.

In other words, I'm questioning the premise of Haavard's post and this blog's coverage. I don't think this was meant to be an HTML5 demo at all; it is explicitly a Safari demo. Apple's loud branding of HTML5 all over the page doesn't strike me as them saying "Come check out this cool new open web standard!" Rather, it screams, "We support HTML5, and look at how realistic an option replacing Flash with HTML5 is when you use Apple technology!"

DISCLAIMER: I don't own a single piece of Apple hardware or software other than my old Mac SE running System 6.

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