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Internet & Networking Earlier this week, Apple launched a HTML5 Showcase page, displaying several uses for HTML5 and related technologies. However, it turns out that Apple is using trickery to block out browsers other than Safari, with the end result that browsers with better support for web standards than Safari can't access the demos.
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RE[7]: Still unclear
by Nelson on Fri 4th Jun 2010 21:32 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Still unclear"
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Because the alternative—a closed web—is better? There’s nothing politically minded about using the format that can reach the most number of devices, doesn’t rely upon any proprietary tools and doesn't rely on the future of some company’s stock price. It’s common sense!

No, open is not inherently better. For all those points you bring up, I match them up against the one's I've brought up.

The issues are so drastic that I can see them play out, frame by frame, on my browser canvas.

What do you tell a content provider? Deal with 3FPS unprotected streaming video because it's open?

Browser vendors should get their act together and fix the abysmal situation (and in fairness they're starting to) they're in, and then focus on criticizing even Flash.

They're expecting the fanfare without having really done anything.

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RE[8]: Still unclear - still better
by jabbotts on Fri 4th Jun 2010 23:26 in reply to "RE[7]: Still unclear"
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Theora would improve exponencially while remaining open to implementation by anyone. We should also wait to see how WebM works as it looks like it'll close the display quality gap while still providing a codec open to implementation by anyone.

The web is meant to be platform agnostic. Relying on platform limited technologies to deliver hinders the system. You want flash, silverlight and such.. show us the code so it can be fully implemented across all platforms.

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