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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A number of recent reports provide a new picture of the current smart phone market landscape and the trends likely to impact that landscape over the coming year. The latest US market share report by Nielsen shows both the iPhone OS and Android growing at the expense of Windows Mobile and the Blackberry OS.
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RE: Funny statistics
by Karitku on Sun 6th Jun 2010 16:12 UTC in reply to "Funny statistics"
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We don't know the methodolgy, which brands were counted and which ones were ommited, who paid for it and what qualifies as a smartphone. Funny, but useless.

I think main problem is that Nokia seems to put lot of phones as smart phones when they really aren't (atleast I don't view them same level phones). But in Nokias defence I think whole smartphone statistic was originally greated by competitors, because if look whole cellphone market Nokia is pretty much dominating field outside US. So in order to look bigger in minds of consumers lets make statistic that makes companies like RIM and Apple look bigger than they actually are.

I think there should be only 3 meaningful numbers, amount of sale in units, amount of sales in currency and average price of sold phones(this can be calculated easily by dividing sales per currency with sales per unit).

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RE[2]: Funny statistics
by ariarinen on Sun 6th Jun 2010 16:32 in reply to "RE: Funny statistics"
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I think main problem is that Nokia seems to put lot of phones as smart phones when they really aren't (atleast I don't view them same level phones).
Well Nokias smartphones is mostly E and N series and a few X series, with those they cover most of the market from entry level to the high end smartphones.

I think they are on the same level, but I pretty happy with my HTC Desire right now, but I miss ovi maps. But the E and N series are pretty good as well, my old E71 is still high on my list and my XM5800 is useful to take running.

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RE[2]: Funny statistics
by vaette on Sun 6th Jun 2010 16:51 in reply to "RE: Funny statistics"
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Well, yeah, but defining smartphones too narrowly makes the survey less interesting anyway. After all, we are more tech nerds than business people here, how well Apple or Nokia does money-wise is not that important, what is more interesting is what the sales number says about the future of the tech.

From the fact that Nokia keeps steaming ahead it mostly tells me that a lot of people can settle for slightly less smart phones if they impress through other factors (battery life, price, simplicity, small form-factor). After all, you can do a lot of sweet things on a Symbian smartphone still, most of the key apps run, like Spotify and various social networking applications. Having a sane subset is probably sufficient to a lot of people who don't bother to chase through an app store for the latest and greatest anyway ;)

Still, I am looking forward to Symbian^4. Qt is awesome and Symbian is actually if anything more free than Android (since key pieces of Android functionality are closed source), so I hope to see them remain in the running going forward.

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Since there is no getting around Maemo being replaced with Meego, I'm watching how it progresses also. The N900 is the first device where I wanted my phone and PDA merged together and I'm very willing to give up the choice of multiple woopy-cousion apps in exchange for 300 mostly usable apps currently available for Maemo5.

On the up side, Meego is also further separate from Nokia than Maemo so if they do go a different route, the OS can continue to develop.

Nokia.. hurry up and bring the N900 to canada at a reasonable price!!

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RE[2]: Funny statistics
by dragos.pop on Mon 7th Jun 2010 07:09 in reply to "RE: Funny statistics"
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No, Nokia just make smartphones look like normal phones. But once you get over the look you can really use the full power of symbian.

They might not use the most powerfull CPU, the most memory, the most eye candy. They don't have the best UI, but the functionality of a smartphone OS is there, and it is not locked.

You might say that they lack GPS or WiFi, but that is just hardware to keep cost down. The smarphone is defined by the OS.

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RE[3]: Funny statistics
by spiderman on Mon 7th Jun 2010 08:14 in reply to "RE[2]: Funny statistics"
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I believe Nokia was the first to add a GPS in a phone and Nokia is part of the core working group that design wifi.
But indeed, wifi and GPS is only available in high end Nokia phones. You mention the price as a reason. It's true but I should add battery life, size, weigh and robustness. And that is what most people want. They don't care much about GPS and Wifi. They want small rock solid phones with long battery life. Only geeks use the wifi on their mobile phone. People are quick to bash Nokia because they sell so called low end phones without wifi or GPS when actually it is what most people buy. Competitors sell phones without MMS, without 3G and without GPS and call that a revolution because apparently people don't care about features but when it's Nokia apparently it should have multitouch, wifi, gps and all the geek stuff to be usable.

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