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KDE "The latest in the 4.x series of the KDE Software Compilation is due to be released in early August 2010. With the first beta of this release recently unleashed, I thought I'd download the openSuse packages and see what 4.5 has got in store for us."
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uhm, it's white icons on dark background, looks fine here (in the future there could be a different systray theme for oxygen but seems to work quite nicely so far).
however there was a bug in the rendering of the background of the systray that i think has slipped into beta1, should be fixed by now

The frame of the systray looked weird.
Don't know if that's the background bug.

KDE SC 4.5 doesn't depend on Qt 4.7

Yeah, I know, but I had hoped that the Qt 4.7 version in openSUSE's repo already had the icon patch.

doesn't seem to happen here, make sure developers are informed tough

Hard to inform any developers if I don't even know which component is responsible? Qt 4.7 (=Nokia)? GPU drivers (=NVidia)? XServer (=Xorg)? Plasma (=KDE)?
I'm using openSUSE 11.2. Maybe a component that already has a newer version without that bug is already out. I'll test it again once I have a Live CD with more recent components (incl SC 4.5) at hand.

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