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Apple As everybody already expected, Apple "unveiled" the new iPhone tonight. It's called the iPhone 4, and brings the iPhone up to par with what's already available on other smartphone platforms, hardware wise, while raising the bar on a few specific points (the display, mostly). The company also announced a name change for its mobile operating system - it's now called iOS. What we didn't get during this year's WWDC keynote? News about the Mac, Mac OS X, or the Apple TV. Make no mistake: the iPhone and iPad is where it's at.
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RE: Nothing to Declare
by nboxer on Mon 7th Jun 2010 21:27 UTC in reply to "Nothing to Declare"
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I agree it would have been nice to see something about the AppleTV, i own one and i think they are excellent media devices. Again i don't know really what i would like to see from a new and improved one apart from a lot more space.

I agree, Apple TV should be beefed up. I could see a real nice Tivo like functions built into the ATV which can record brodcasts, it would certainly do away with Tivo and DVD recording. My only saving grace today is I use Philips DVD recorder with 160 Harddrive to record my programs. But Philips and many other box makers dont make them or support such devices. Apple could take make it a recordable device which would take revenue from Tivo and Cable companies.

Might even allow an app to record from your IPAD or Ipod... possibilities are still there.

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RE[2]: Nothing to Declare
by Elv13 on Tue 8th Jun 2010 02:21 in reply to "RE: Nothing to Declare"
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Apple don't make money on show you record, they do on those you download, they will never add TiVo like feature.

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