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Hardware, Embedded Systems "It's the one major part of the PC that's still reminiscent of the PC's primordial, text-based beginnings, but the familiarly-clunky BIOS could soon be on its deathbed, according to MSI. The motherboard maker says it's now making a big shift towards point and click UEFI systems, and it's all going to kick off at the end of this year." FINALLY.
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Yes, because power management is going away and/or the OS know more about how to manage the power on hardware rather than the hardware itself...

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No, that's a strawman. Of course, each device knows how to manage its own power. Certainly the details of each device's power management should be left to the hardware. But higher level stuff, such as whether the device is on full-power, partial power, or off, etc. should be left as policy decisions to the OS which can balance user's needs with its overall knowledge of the state of the system to make a good decision regarding power management. That's far too complicated to be built into the motherboard and policy doesn't belong there anyway.

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What you're describing is essentially ACPI... Or am I missing something ?

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You confuse me. You say 'no you are wrong, instead we should do exactly what you said we should do'. The device manages it's own power and the os tells it what to do. No frimware involved at all. Well, I suppose there would be firmware on the device, but it has no delusions of booting the machine. So no frimware between the os and the device would be a better way of putting it.

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