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Google There are numerous ways to improve your browser experience if you're somehow still using Internet Explorer. You can download a modern browser with proper standards support, like Firefox or Chrome, but there are numerous scenarios where this isn't possible. One of those is in corporate scenarios, where a lot of people still rely on Internet Explorer. A solution here is Google's Chrome Frame, which just went into beta.
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Administrative rights needed
by azrael29a on Wed 9th Jun 2010 16:16 UTC
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You still need administrative rights to install it so it won't work for ordinary users in most corporations.

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I was just thinking that.

I don't get it. If you can install the plugin then you can install Chrome. Where's the use for this plugin?

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I don't get it. If you can install the plugin then you can install Chrome. Where's the use for this plugin?

The advantage that the plugin has is that it allows Google to offer something to people via a method they already understand and are not afraid of (even though they should be!)

Now a website, instead of displaying a message to the effect of: "You need to upgrade your browser", can offer the plugin instead. Idiot users are already happy to download any plugin that is required to see a website (i.e. Flash, Java, Adobe Reader, Nefarious Video Porn Viewer Plugin, etc) - and will do so.

If confronted with the requirement that they install and use a different browser, they less likely to visit this website - and the website developer knows this. Therefore, not offering such an easy solution for website developers will discourage upgrading their website to support HTML5/CSS3 features.

This plugin is a crutch to encourage web developers to improve their websites knowing that they're providing an easier alternative for crappy idiot users to view them.

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