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Amiga & AROS After much, much development, the developers behind AmigaOS 4 have released the first alpha of Timberwolf, the AmigaOS 4 port of the Firefox web browser. I tried it out on my Amiga, and indeed confirmed that this is very much alpha material.
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2006-01-26 already have a WebKit browser. Dump the money into bringing it up to speed wit Safari and Chrome. I don't get it. I wouldn't touch Mozilla for the last 18 months on my Mac because WebKit has gotten so much better, why would anyone want this? On a platform that needs a solid web browser, why would they make the same mistake the Be people made?

Choice is good?

Even though I use Chrome on my Windows box, I still keep an updated Firefox around for those occasions where it runs a website better (and there are definitely situations where that's the case).

It certainly doesn't hurt to have two of the major browsers available on any platform (and I hope Haiku will eventually get a fresh Firefox port to complement it's native Webkit browser).

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Both of you have some good points. Personally I'm quite satisfied with OWB on AROS, and personally don't want FF around. For the few websites, where WebKit-based browsers have issues (a handful of those I need, incl. some government-sites with digital signatures, java and remnants of IE-specific code) I have Windows Server 2008+Firefox/IE (or LFS+Wine+blahblahblah) and what not. OTOH, that's not really an option for PPC-based platforms.

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