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KDE "The latest in the 4.x series of the KDE Software Compilation is due to be released in early August 2010. With the first beta of this release recently unleashed, I thought I'd download the openSuse packages and see what 4.5 has got in store for us."
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by Fettarme H-Milch on Wed 9th Jun 2010 21:26 UTC in reply to "..."
Fettarme H-Milch
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No thx, I want a functional desktop, not a drama story about developers. So, I'll stick with compiz.

Now that's a "great" attitude...
First you bitch about allegedly "broken" features, then you aren't willing to do proper bug triaging on a community FOSS product, and then you bitch again about "drama stories" as if the KWin devs owed you anything.

If you want full-blown commercial-grade support, go ahead and pay for it.
If you don't want to pay for a support contract, don't whine and keep quiet instead.

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