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Google This was inevitable. AdMob founder and CEO Omar Hamoui has responded to Apple blocking AdMob from the iOS ecosystem. Unsurprisingly, Hamoui isn't particularly amused, claiming that not only is it bad for competition, it will also hurt developers and users alike.
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Tony Swash
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This article is about apple, not about google. Google isn't one monolithic company it's got a bunch of divisions. Wireless network data collection (802.11x) has nothing to do with cellular networks or advertising.

Please - how naive can you be! What - you think Google is just one big happy family and it has a small and unimportant bad apple in its midst (no pun intended).

Grow up.

Google is a huge and successful business which is both ultra secretive about its key asset - its search engine - and which is founded upon the principle of watching what you and everybody else does on the internet. Doesn't that bother you just a bit? And now they are caught harvesting people's data from their wireless networks. Doesn't that bother you just a bit?

This article by the way is a criticial report about Apple's response to Google's competitive attacks. Google have been utterly open about targeting and attacking Apple, Google was on the board of Apple when it was developing the iPhone and whilst it (Google) was building its own phone OS to go up against Apple's. Doesn't that you bother at least a bit?

Google entered the phone business - Apple hasn't entered the search business.

Now Apple is saying "advertisers you gather the data you want as long as the end user and data owners approve it - but Google you can fuck off". While Apple seems set on protecting the privacy of its customers that's not Google's model which is to gather data without asking and to gather it everywhere.

Why are people here siding with Google? Come on guys - stand up for your principals and don't let prejudice and media hype get in your way.

It was ironic and offensive for Google to use the 1984 reference to attack Apple at its recent IO when its Google that wants to watch everyone.

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bousozoku Member since:

If Apple weren't the other company, there would be a flock of people attacking Google instead.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday: attack Apple.
Tuesday and Saturday: attack Google:
Thursday: attack any company and/or Thom.

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Fettarme H-Milch Member since:

Why are people here siding with Google? Come on guys - stand up for your principals and don't let prejudice and media hype get in your way.

Google does Summer of Code. That's enough to be loved by so-called geeks.

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