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Google There are numerous ways to improve your browser experience if you're somehow still using Internet Explorer. You can download a modern browser with proper standards support, like Firefox or Chrome, but there are numerous scenarios where this isn't possible. One of those is in corporate scenarios, where a lot of people still rely on Internet Explorer. A solution here is Google's Chrome Frame, which just went into beta.
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Yes it's usefull for corporates
by novad on Thu 10th Jun 2010 05:08 UTC
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Hi everybody,

I’m system engineer in a company with about 1500 employees and I see at least one scenario where this plug-in could be really helpful.

We make heavily use of web applications (with a lot of java scripting and Ajax). Performances of these applications under IE7 are really bad, with IE8 it’s just acceptable and it doesn’t work at all with IE6. We had to install Firefox on our computers and deal with 2 installed browsers (GPO sets, etc etc etc). We also have a web app that works ONLY under IE. We have every day calls from user that use the right app on the wrong browser (even after years of usage).

A plug-in like this, as long as it can be installed silently (through scripts or GPO), could have avoided a dual browser install that is complicated for some users… They confuse the browser and the webapp that runs through it (incredible but true :-( ).

Administrator rights for users would not be relevant as the plug-in would be deployed by us (and we are the admins)

Last interesting point is that IE can be configured on every single aspect through enterprise policies, that’s not possible (limited or impossible) with other installed browsers.

I’ll certainly keep an eye on it :-)

P.S: Sorry for my English... Not my language

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Just let the web apps look like regular desktop applications with desktop/start menu shortcuts that open them in the right browser. At least that's how we do it in our company.

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In our specific case it wasn't possible.

Most of these webapps are external apps. We don't develop them internally and havn't any control over their look and feel.

Different companies, different problems ;-)

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