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Legal "SCO was dealt yet another blow in court today when District Judge Ted Stewart rejected the company's motion requesting a new trial or judgement of law. In a ruling issued today, Judge Stewart sided with a jury that issued a verdict against SCO in April, finding that Novell was the rightful owner of the UNIX SVRX copyrights. According to Judge Stewart, SCO failed to demonstrate that the jury's verdict contradicted the evidence presented in the case."
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RE: Talk about endurance!
by lemur2 on Fri 11th Jun 2010 02:33 UTC in reply to "Talk about endurance!"
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Whenever I read an update on the SCO-woes I can't help but be amazed at their tenacity and endurance despite the overwhelming evidence and legal rulings that continually say how 'full of it' they really are. A final sense of justice (and humour) would be that SCO does indeed get bought-out/recover but later on becomes a company synonymous with selling and supporting Linux distros and/or other 'open' operating systems for enterprise markets! Oh the irony. ;)

Who would buy out SCO?

SCO has no assets, they sold everything except the lawsuits as assets.

No, it turns out that they have no basis whatsoever for the lawsuits. All that remains are the counterclaims, and RedHats lawsuit against SCO, all of which are now slam-dunk cases.

SCO is just a vast pile of misery and debt. Anyone buying SCO would just be buying all that liability.

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