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Windows Yes, the day is finally drawing closer: the day Windows XP died. October 22, 2010 will be the final and definitive day for the venerable operating system, since OEMs will no longer be able to pre-load it on netbooks after that day. I might not make myself popular around here with this, but thank god, it's about time that pile of junk is taken behind the shed.
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RE: Wow, cover the kids eyes!
by woegjiub on Sat 12th Jun 2010 04:00 UTC in reply to "Wow, cover the kids eyes!"
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Win2K was vastly superior to XP, IMO.
XP was decent, but 2K is the second best windows ever (after 7)

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Win2k was swiss cheese when it came to security. It was a complete disgrace that they shipped it without a firewall. Same goes for XP. Early XP and Win2k users were basically security beta testers. That isn't debatable, you can go back and look at all the exploits those systems had. Win2k servers were a joke compared to Linux then.

It wasn't until XP SP2 that they got serious when it comes to security.

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Win 2K didn't have any kind of anti-aliasing (not standard, not cleartype). It looks horrible on an LCD screen. That's a pretty big shortcoming for a desktop OS.

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What's puzzling is that I didn't know that and honestly did not spot the difference on the Win2K PC which I use at work ^^'

I can easily spot the difference when I turn the antialiasing off and then back on here, and prefer the look with slight antialiasing, but it looks like when blind-testing, it makes only little difference.

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Ok, I guess I should have pre-empted this whole Win2k rebuttal in my first post. Win 2k didn't come pre-installed on the computers at best buy. Win Me did. Win Xp did. Win 2k was for businesses where it replaced the capable win nt 4.0. XP was when they merged the business oriented NT workstation and the home oriented win 9x product lines. So Xp is great in my mind for finally achieving that. I actually paid for my parents to upgrade to Xp, as it resulted in less calls to me. And it was worth every dime.

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