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Google We don't get too many details when it comes to Google's Chrome OS, but this tiny little tidbit dug up by The Register is certainly quite interesting. It looks as if Google is working on implementing remote desktop-like functionality into Chrome OS so you can directly control applications running on other computers within the browser.
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There's nothing new here. So it doesn't need a new name.

We don't know it yet.

BTW, handy tip for citrix users - if you can open msoffice documents on your citrix server, you can embed an OLE object that opens cmd.exe. After that, you'll get a somewhat more flexible citrix environment ;-).

That's a stupid tip I'm sorry. I'm a Citrix engineer and we hate user's like you trying to get around system security and screw up our servers ;)

Command prompt is easy to block with a group policy though, every admin does that so you shouldn't even be able to run commands like regedit, cmd etc. so I don't know what kind of sysop you got there but he must be really incompetent ;)

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