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The Syllable project is pleased to announce that the reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated, and that the new version 0.4 of Syllable Server has been released. This release focuses on maturing existing functionality, improving security, ongoing system restructuring, and making the system a suitable base for third-party package managers. Although the project admits it hasn't brought its unicorn factory online yet, extensive work was done on the nitty-gritty, so the full change log is quite long.

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RE[8]: Cool, I guess...
by cipri on Sat 12th Jun 2010 10:34 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Cool, I guess..."
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yes, I can imagine how much you work on "sub-projects".
What subprojects? It is clear from that thread that you, Kaj, like to write a lot. If you write "we work on various subprojects", why are you not a little more concrete and and a few examples to your declaration, so that so that the people can understand you better. For example you could write:
"we are working on various subprojects, like example1,example2,..."

Of course I know why you are not more specific, and I also know why you don't like the following idea. (But you will never say your real reasons, because you are ashamed, and affraid that could harm syllable and your own image)

I make/made the suggestion, that at every weekend, the main developers/leader of syllable (vanders,kaj,..) should write a little blog entry about what they worked the whole week on syllable.
Just a little blog-entry, with a few keywords, so that the information is organized, and everyone can read in short time, what you have been working.

I made that suggestion long time ago, and your answer was something like: "It would not be fun for me, to work on syllable under this conditions".

Why it would not be fun for you to explain in a few words what you have done in a whole week?

If you say, that blogging is to complicated, than make something else. Use the forum for that. Make a new Forum thread, with the title: "weekly report of kaj's work on syllable" and another with "weekly report of vanders work on syllable".

So that way everyone could have a good idea, what in fact you are working on. It would be short and structured information, that everyone can read in little time.

You don't have the excuse that you don't have time, because you prooved in that tread, that you have a lot of time to write comments. With the time you consumed on writing this comments, you could have written a report for a whole year.

But of course you would never do that.... never... :-)
(and you will never say your real reasons, why you don't make little weekly reports)

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RE[10]: Cool, I guess...
by cipri on Sun 13th Jun 2010 13:30 in reply to "RE[9]: Cool, I guess..."
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the links to the changelog is a beautiful one. It shows so nicely the development of syllable. In the last year, there was nearly no real development. Just things like changing path, renaming files, changing simlinks.... and things like that.

I quote now, one of the most recent comments from a bug-thread of syllable, which shows also the great development of syllable you are talking about:

It is written by chamel:

After some thinking I decided to patch kernel in order to trace memory activity for specified application - dock and plugins, I compiled kernel and installed it for start and got first unpleaseant surprise some genius changed location for binaries from "/system/bin" to "/system/programs" which makes kernel patching very complicated, I need to recompile whole system as there are dependencies which must be resolved in order to make kernel patching possible. I dont' have time for such things, as such practice of paths changing is quite common in Syllable development, instead of dedicating time to make system better, discourages me to spent my time for development in this os. Bye.

One possible explication why "real" syllable development is as good as halted, is perhaps because following people went away (in alphabetic order):


(and also more)....

I don't know, why Arno went away, he didn't say word, but the others 4, went away, exactly because of you kaj.

Did you take a look at the changelog of the last 12 month? with such a poor changelog you can not make a new release, and I see also no hope for more improvements in the near future.

Perhaps you remember your won article "Syllable Desktop 0.6.6 at Long Last".
If you call 0.6.6 at long last, how will you call 0.6.7? I'm very curious about that, because I'm quite the 0.6.7 will need at least 2 years to be released (if I compare, what progess has been made in the last year).

Now kaj, your "enemies/opponents" are gone, you are now the indisputable king of syllable. You have just one problem, you are a king without workers.

Now something related to syllable server:
perhpas you remember Cosmoe, the fork of atheos, based on a linux kernel. Since syllable is also a fork of atheos, I still wonder, how you could imagine, that the future of syllable server, could be much better than the future of Cosmoe.

after reaching that semi-death status, I don't think that there will be something like a "reborn".
You missed to analyze that problems at the right time, instead you preferred to deny the reality, telling us how successful syllable is.

Anyhow I wish you good luck for the future, I hope you will be able to face the reality, so that one day you will not regret that you wasted a lot of time for......

(I must admit, I really regret the time that I spent on syllable).

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