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Bugs & Viruses Recently, the Linux version of UnrealIRCd was discovered to have had a Trojan worm its way into the source code. Even more embarrassing for the developers of Unreal is that the Trojan's been holding open the backdoor in the source code since November of 2009-- not very recently. And, of course, bloggers and press in general are taking the opportunity of another breach in Linux security to point out doomsday devices that don't really exist.
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If a similar case happens again, these guidelines would easily allow to point to flaws on following them, rather than serving as base for the nth absurd wave of fud-makers' articles.

They'll just find something else to spread FUD about, or they'll just twist the facts enough to make it look bad even with the guidelines. Never underestimate the lengths to which a devious mind is willing to go ;)

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