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Apple Apple have updated the Mac Mini. It now sports an aluminium (no, I am not going to spell it "aluminum") enclosure, an HDMI port, an internal PSU (no power-brick!) and oddly, an SD card slot in the back. There's also an access hole on the bottom to change the RAM easily.
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RE: UK Price
by Paradroid on Tue 15th Jun 2010 11:52 UTC in reply to "UK Price"
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$699 / £649 (!)

Yes, that price completely sucks. $699 in pounds with 17.% VAT is about £555. But Jobs previously said we should blame our government for this, and lobby them instead.

It's even worse than that - it's £649 inc VAT on the Apple UK store. For a Mac Mini. Are they insane??

I had one of the older Mac Minis for a year before I got my Imac. I paid £399 for it and I thought it was a spectacular machine. Since then there's been two price increases and now it's £649 for a fairly basic computer without a monitor.

The form factor, quietness and HDMI socket are very nice for home cinema but at that price they can forget it. Lunatics.

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RE[2]: UK Price
by bnolsen on Tue 15th Jun 2010 12:49 in reply to "RE: UK Price"
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You're not the target customer. Sadly they'll probably sell a ton of these.

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RE[3]: UK Price
by Cymro on Tue 15th Jun 2010 13:45 in reply to "RE[2]: UK Price"
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How do you know he's not the target customer??

I've personally owned a ton of Mac kit and my eyes lit up when I saw a new Mac Mini, but there's no way I'm paying this. No keyboard, mouse or screen and despite the HDMI, they can't even give you a cheap Apple remote. That's passable at £499, but £650?!

It's the same as the Mac Pro, which has been hiked and hiked and now starts at a ludicrous £1940.

As someone else said, vote with your feet AND tell Apple why.

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RE[3]: UK Price
by fanboi_fanboi on Wed 16th Jun 2010 18:27 in reply to "RE[2]: UK Price"
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Why would selling a lot of this product to satisfied customers be "sad" in any way?

Oh, wait .. "sad" because the sheeple that buy them don't know why l33t haxorz like yourself laugh at the specs ... yet they will likely get many enjoyable years of usage out it.

Gotcha. You win. Yup.

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