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Apple Apple have updated the Mac Mini. It now sports an aluminium (no, I am not going to spell it "aluminum") enclosure, an HDMI port, an internal PSU (no power-brick!) and oddly, an SD card slot in the back. There's also an access hole on the bottom to change the RAM easily.
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by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 15th Jun 2010 16:44 UTC
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Very attractive device...

...but far too limited and insanely priced. Remember, the HTPC is usually the 3rd or 4th computer. I'm not going to spend 700 EUR on that.

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RE: Meh
by mckill on Tue 15th Jun 2010 16:56 in reply to "Meh"
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well it's not exactly an HTPC tho, it can be an HTPC. The HDMI is nothing more than something the new Nvidia 320M provides for free, I think people are reading too much into this as an HTPC device only.

this is a still a primary Mac machine, thats why they are still focusing on form factor, it's made to look pretty sitting on your desk.

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RE: Meh
by FealDorf on Tue 15th Jun 2010 17:30 in reply to "Meh"
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Actually I found that a good incentive to get a Mac Mini as my first Macintosh. I had three computers at home -- one desktop, two laptop and I wanted to try out the mac experience so I got a Mac Mini as I can double it as a HTPC (back in 2008, so it's connected via vga cable).

Of course, the price puts me off entirely

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