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Linux All of us who use computers create a problem we rarely consider. How do we dispose of them? This is no small concern. Estimates put the number of personal computers in use world-wide today at about one billion. The average lifespan of a personal computer is only two to five years. We can expect a tidal wave of computers ready for disposal shortly, and this number will only increase. And as if that isn't challenge enough, there are already several hundred million computers out-of-service, sitting in attics and basements and garages, awaiting disposal.
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by sciurus on Wed 16th Jun 2010 03:52 UTC
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Computer refurbishing is a wonder service that needs to exist in every city.

There are many groups not affiliated with Free Geek that do do refurbishing and load free software. The most comprehensive list I know of is at . If you know a group that's not listed there, add it!

There is also a mailing list devoted to the topic at

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