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Linux Dell has posted a page extolling the virtues of Linux (Ubuntu in particular), with a quick explanation of what Linux is and how it compares against Windows. Of course, the page links off to Dell's various computers that ship with Linux pre-installed.
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Yes they really support Linux, NOT. For $299 with the MS win machine gets you 250GB HD and a 6 cell battery. $299 Ubuntu gets you a 160GB HD and a 3 cell battery. You can also upgrade the screen to 1366x768 and other HW with the MS machine, but not with Ubuntu.

So how is it that a free OS gets you less hardware for an OS that cost $$. Hummm? IF I were buying I would get the MS machine due to the differences and install Ubuntu, but MS still get its tax and gets to put a mark in # of MS OSs sold compared to Linux. I suspect that is why Dell offers Ubuntu as they do, because MS wants it that way. :-(

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So how is it that a free OS gets you less hardware for an OS that cost $$.(

Economies of scale.

The Windows PC outsells Linux by 100 to 1.

The retailer doesn't have to maintain a dual inventory and support structure.

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It's the same fucking hardware! You can't tell me that loading a different OS image on the disk costs that much more, because I know it doesn't. If they have the facility to offer a choice of OS at all (they do, different versions of Windows) then they can offer +1 OS at negligible cost.

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Junkware can take down the price of Windows and then some, especially since MS is offering Win 7 starter pretty cheap to OEMs.

If it makes you feel any better Linux is making MS bleed when it comes to netbooks. Dell wouldn't even have the option of starter edition if Linux wasn't around.

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