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Linux Canonical recently announced that they are developing a tablet version of their popular Ubuntu operating system, slated to be released in 2011. This comes hot on the heels of the release of the Apple iPad, and the rumors that HP plans to release a WebOS-based tablet sometime late 2010. However, Canonical's foray into the tablet arena is fundamentally different from both the iPad and a WebOS tablet, and unfortunately reeks of a company failing to learn from their competitors successes and failures.
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That computers don't come bundled with it does not mean it isn't used...

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Oh come on, it's Ubuntu. We all knoiw that because Canonical/ubuntu has actually been suiccessful in making the average Joe aware of Linux they have to be bad. Jealousy is ugly like that.

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Sorry, I didn't expressed what I meant well enough.

If I understood well, the OP said that Linux was (almost) not sold on computers. I said that it did not mean it wasn't widespread (implicitly that it just restricted its audience). This has nothing to do with Ubuntu in particular, which has managed to convice a lot of people (even though I personally don't like it because of the tendency to break things at each release like Fedora).

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