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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Microsoft has Windows Mobile 6.x (on the way out) Windows Phone 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded Compact 7 and then Windows 7 for tablet PCs and netbooks. What this bevy of systems is missing is a coherent answer for the tablet form factor. Windows Embedded Compact 7, which is the OS aimed at the mobile sector, isn't yet released, and when it is, it won't have a uniform UI, but will depend on hardware vendors to customize. It's an appealing strategy from the vendors point of view, I guess because they get to differentiate their products from their competitors, but it's not a recipe for success.
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Or ipad/tablat computers are over rated.
by Bully on Sun 20th Jun 2010 04:51 UTC
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And will never become as popular as some seem to think.
Sure some will keep using it. But for most people i bet it will start collecting dust real quick when the newness of it wears of.

So i don't think Microsoft has much to worry about from that front.

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Form factor
by Elv13 on Sun 20th Jun 2010 05:09 in reply to "Or ipad/tablat computers are over rated."
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I don't think it is totally true. Computer will change. Before (90's-2005), we had 3 form factor:

Three years later, we had five:

Now, seven:
" "
-Connected game consoles

It is not going to end. Printer will start having real GUI, HDTV/3DTV will become closer to a computer (HTPC have never been a mainstream form factor). Then "niche" devices will start to show up for particular uses. There is some WindowsCE micro computer since a decade, but now, with augmented reality and location aware smart devices, we will enter a new era. The childrens of the Microsoft Surface or Steven Spilberg Minority report like GUI may become an afordable reality. Who know!

Those devices wont use Windows or a floating windows based GUI. They need a true flexible embedded OS. So even if tablet die, the gap wont disappear.

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RE: Form factor
by righard on Sun 20th Jun 2010 11:22 in reply to "Form factor"
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What is a "connected" game console, and why doesn't a console count as a computer form if the are not "connected"?

Personally I only agree with the Smartphone as a new form. I netbook really is just a smaller laptop. Really, it is , sorry ;) I can remember people always wanted the biggest laptop, until marketing told them smaller was better.
...And I think a tablet is just a Smartphone without the ability to call conviently...but that might just be me.

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RE: Form factor
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Mon 21st Jun 2010 04:05 in reply to "Form factor"
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So what the heck is the standard x86 1U server? I wouldn't call it a mainframe or a cluster, and its sales absolutely dwarf the other two.

I don't think you should be in charge of defining computer categories.

A more correct statement would be the one many industry analysts have made, and has been backed up in the stock price valuations of Microsoft vs Apple: While Microsoft earns significant revenue in its established products ( x86 operating systems, Office productivity software), its ability to effectively enter in new growing markets appears to be limited. Apple and Google's growth is more highly expected than Microsoft's. If you feel strongly otherwise, then a Microsoft Stock purchase would be a wise idea.

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Sure some will keep using it. But for most people i bet it will start collecting dust real quick when the newness of it wears of.

Eh, I wouldn't be so sure. I got to borrow one for a few days, and during the short time I had it, I became a big fan of tablets. Why? Because it's a lot easier to hold one while sitting back on the couch or lying in bed and using one finger to operate, instead of a tiny cell phone screen, or having a laptop/netbook in your lap, trying to navigate with a shitty trackpad. Some say it's just a big iPod touch, but that's not necessarily a bad thing; my 50" HDTV is just a bigger version of my 15" portable HD LCD TV, but sometimes bigger really is better ;)

Granted, it's more limited in its functionality than a laptop, but definitely has its uses. Ultimately, I decided to pass on it, because I can't stand iTunes and the iPad depends on it, but I'm looking forward to a decent Android tablet being released.

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Depending on your definition of decent, this could be used with Android:

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