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Apple Apple have updated the Mac Mini. It now sports an aluminium (no, I am not going to spell it "aluminum") enclosure, an HDMI port, an internal PSU (no power-brick!) and oddly, an SD card slot in the back. There's also an access hole on the bottom to change the RAM easily.
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RE[5]: UK Price
by siraf72 on Sun 20th Jun 2010 16:44 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: UK Price"
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Over-expensive according to whom? Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it. Apple's profits are proof that their pricing is spot on. You say its too expensive (fair enough), the market says otherwise.

As to *how* Apple charge more for the equally specced hardware and get away with it, my two cents:

PCs are a homogenous product. Apple products are luxury products.
The added *utility value* that Apple offers is as follows:

1. OS X and some other bits of software

2. Outstanding industrial design.

3. (MOST IMPORTANTLY)The emotional response from users interacting with Apple products. Rightly or wrongly, us mac users get very attached to the products. Sad? maybe, its just the way it is. Fact is its the combination of good design both in hardware and software that illicits this response. This is also why Apple users exhibit freakishly high brand loyalty (and alas, sometimes zealotry and fanboism).

4. Brand power. The perceived build quality, easy-of-use, security, and coolness. (and contrary to belief this isn't just about marketing, the primary factor here is how the users feel about the product and what they say to others about it)

I'm a techie, yet I willingly pay more. Yes, I could build my own machine and install linux. But I find Apple products work better for me. The utility value i gain, is worth the extra money I spend.

So my long winded point is this that a luxury product can get away with charging more than a homogenous one, provided they give a utility value in return. The market decides whether your price point is right or not.

I tried not to troll, honest!

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