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Amiga & AROS The fabled Amiga X1000 has been spotted in the wild, in the homeliest of places--Station X, a.k.a Bletchley Park. "The AmigaOne X1000 is a custom dual core PowerPC board with plenty of modern ports and I/O interfaces. It runs AmigaOS 4, and is supported by Hyperion, a partner in the project. The most interesting bit, though, is the use of an 500Mhz XCore co-processor, which the X1000's hardware designer describes as a descendant of the transputer - once the great hope of British silicon." With thanks to Jason McGint, 'Richard' and Pascal Papara for submissions.
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RE: Going in the wrong direction
by helf on Wed 23rd Jun 2010 03:28 UTC in reply to "Going in the wrong direction"
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It is a custom machine built in comparatively small quantities by small companies. What do you people expect? a $500 machine? Give me a break.

Stop acting all surprise. OF COURSE it is going to cost.

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The nanonote cost 99 euro. It's built by a small team/company to I assume.

Amiga would have a much better chance at crappy cheap hardware for 200 euro than trying-to-be-something-and-fail-ridiculously-hardware at 2000 euro.

It's not even their invention, who knows if it will bring anything useful to the table.

Old AmigaOS and software where small and didn't demanded much, something like the nanonote but with 128 MB ram or so would still have had plenty of hardware for the AmigaOS.

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aliquis Member since:

Just compare the Pegasos to the AmigaOne. Everyone who bought the latter must have been utterly retarded.

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How could people know the first AmigaOnes from Eyetech would be so bugged ? And that Amiga Inc would fail them !? Besides the failing chips was as far as I know due to a flawed reference board from some Asian manufacturerer (?) Luckily I didnt buy any of them .. I hope Trevor Dickinson is more lucky with his hardware partner, (who seems to be A LOT more reliable .. )

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