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Oracle and SUN Sometimes, Google's search engine does a better job of telling us about IT vendors than the vendors' own public relations and marketing machines, which are often there mostly to deflect questions rather than answer them. So it is with the next commercial and development iterations of Oracle's Solaris Unix operating system.
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Please, I do not talk about a web site. London Stock Exchange could not keep uptime with Windows. And look at msn, it is down all the time.

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Please, I do not talk about a web site. London Stock Exchange could not keep uptime with Windows.

How do you know the fault was with Windows and not within the software stack?

How do web hosts guarantee 99.9% uptime with Windows Server if it is unreliable?

Gmail had a lot of downtime last year, so I suppose the logical conclusion is to blame Linux.

This link negates your original claim

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How do I know that the fault was Windows for LSE - London Stock Exchange? I doubt the software stack is as buggy as Windows. Windows has a bad reputation for being crash prone. C# has not the same reputation.

Why do you think that LSE migrates away from Windows? LSE spent 50 million USD to develop the Windows system, and only two years later, migrates to Linux and Solaris. Do you really think that someone throws away an investment of 50 million USD lightly? Havent you read all the articles about all problems LSE had?

Regarding MySpace, please. I dont talk about web sites. You can basically throw in another server and you get better uptime for a web site. The structure is easy. MySpace uses over 6,000 servers. A stock exchange has much higher demands and is much more difficult to maintain high uptime. And besides, 99.9% is bad for a stock exchange. Wouldnt do.

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