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Games Born out of the demise of Loki Software in 2001 was Linux Game Publishing, but now a decade later the fate of LGP is not looking good for the company that has ported about two dozen game titles to Linux.
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RE[2]: Rubbish + outdated
by chris_l on Thu 24th Jun 2010 21:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Rubbish + outdated"
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Unfortunately, it is the only source of Linux graphics news. Otherwise, I wouldn't read it. The writer seems to be a good businessman (lots of ads!), but the site is terrible. The ads are overly intrusive (Phoronix is the only site that I visit regularly for which I use adblock), and the articles are inaccurate. Most of the articles could be condensed to roughly five sentences (maybe with a few graphs) and nothing would be lost. Thankfully, OSNews is much higher quality. :-)

Bullshit. Check the Xorg WWW site,and distro you are using,WWW sites,Newsgroups and email forums for the infomation your are looking for.

Where the hell do you think garbage sites like Phoronix are getting the information from? Linux developers? Ha!

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RE[3]: Rubbish + outdated
by Zifre on Fri 25th Jun 2010 12:29 in reply to "RE[2]: Rubbish + outdated"
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Yes, it is definitely possible to get the news from other places, but Phoronix is a convenient aggregator of all the important Linux graphics news. I don't want to spend my day sifting through mailing lists.

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