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Original OSNews Interviews It's been a while since any of us have seen head or tail of the Open Graphics Project, but they haven't been just sitting around twiddling thumbs. Enjoy an in-depth interview between OSNews and Timothy Miller, the founder of the Open Graphics Project and the main man behind the drive that keeps it going, and Michael Dexter, Program Director at Linux Fund and a key player in Linux Fund's partnership with the OGP. Though it's been some time since there has been much public action, much of the work that the OGP has been putting into the OGD1 is finally coming to fruition.
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Hardware vendors typically only open up specs when they're pressured to, sometimes by market demand, and sometimes by the strong arm of people like Theo de Raadt who somehow manages to be able to influence stock prices. Personally, I have no interest in fighting with these companies. They have their business, and we FOSS enthusiasts are like a bunch of annoying flies interfering with their primary purpose, which is to make profit and lock in customers so they can make more profit.

What I really want to do is develop hardware that is friendly to free software from the outset. This way, there is no fight. Just science and engineering.

I have nothing against capitalism and business. I think good money could be made from open hardware, if we could only get enough starting capital to get the ball rolling. But I'm more motivated by solving problems than just making money for its own sake. I'm more interested in community than my own profit margin. And if I did find myself able to make an income from this, I would be happiest if a lot of other enthusiasts were making an income from it right along with me.

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