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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Based upon a recent email to the X.Org developers' mailing list, Canonical is nearing the point of one of their goals for Ubuntu 10.10 of a rootless X Server, or being able to run the X.Org Server without root privileges.
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RE[2]: Big deal...
by werpu on Sat 26th Jun 2010 19:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Big deal..."
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Actually because you mentioned remoting as strong side of X, it is not really Xs strong side because the protocol is way too low level. Just have a comparison of X and RDP. RDP wipes Xs buttocks and have been for years. Xs remoting worked fine for simple terminals and the Athena widget set but thats it, once you move beyound that you have to rely on protocol compression hacks or entirely different remoting protocols like VNC to get a decent performance over an average network.

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RE[3]: Big deal...
by zlynx on Mon 28th Jun 2010 05:39 in reply to "RE[2]: Big deal..."
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Err, I use X from a Linux server to my Macbook all the time on a 100 Mbit network. gvim, gedit, meld, wireshark and others all work great.

I never use compression hacks or VNC. Well, I have used VNC but not because it performs better than X.

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