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GNU, GPL, Open Source Last April I was on a Microsoft interoperability and Open Source conference in Ecuador (South America). On this conference Microsoft spread the word that they support Open Source Software and they do have an OSS strategy. But by checking their OSS Strategy I just felt something sour in my mouth, so I wrote this article to explain it.
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That is not new at all.
by gnufreex on Mon 28th Jun 2010 16:19 UTC
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I have been saying that since before Novell deal, but people screamed "conspiracy".

Microsoft plan is to abuse open source, discredit and pervert it as much it is possible. They want to turn "open source" people against "free software" people and widen the gap between those two. To pervert open source to be something it isn't; to mean "you can only see the code but not change it" (hence their codeplex and shared source) and to portray Free Software people as some kind of extremists.

And no, it is not "just business". Microsoft is religious organisation. Bill Gates called for holly war (his exact word was Jihad) against Java when it showed up and this is no different. Only difference is that Microsoft are now careful what they are saying in public. They are careful, so that Microsoft advocates can scream "CONSPIRACY" on anyone who see pattern in Microsoft behaviour and says that publicly like I am doing now. Hence I expect same reaction again.

When there is no ideology and ethics behind FLOSS, then Microsoft will win. Then FLOSS will become same amoral construct as proprietary software it seeks to replace. And it wont matter if it wins or not.

We shouldn't let that happen.

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